Technology is a wonderful thing, in the right hands.


Palmaz Vineyards is one of the most innovative winemakers on the planet, merging the latest technologies with their commitment to perfection to deliver vintages for the most discerning of patrons. When it came to recreating their brand online, they wanted to leverage the latest web technologies for enhanced visitor engagement, and partnered with the 543 Group to deliver that experience for their audiences. 

As you can see from the images below, and by visiting, there are numerous innovations that set this site apart, not to mention the beautiful imagery, extensive wine details and tasting notes. They exemplify the type of creativity and attention to the technical details we deliver with every online user experience we help create.

Some of what contributed to the making of 'Palmaz Digital' includes the following:

Interactive Blend Maps delivered with custom JavaScript/HTML5 and SVG shapes to allow for the use of non-standard shape hotspots, even on devices that are not fully HTML5 compliant. Parcel data is pulled on-demand using AJAX to reduce page load size.

A customized shopping experience, seamlessly integrating a ColdFusion application into a non-ColdFusion site, using cross-domain scripting and iframes to completely re-skin an e-commerce and wine allocation management system that did not provide a public API.

The site also leveraged a customized Bootstrap framework to deliver site responsiveness for all size viewports, full-screen slide shows, data-driven wine data, and autoplay videos leveraging a modified iPlayer to enable autoplay even on mobile devices that normally disable such functionality.

The result - a very sophisticated site encased in an elegant user experience, to enhance the reputation of an already stellar brand. Its online experience now matches the quality of its products.





It's all about immediate viewer engagement.


For this project, the challenge was to immediately engage viewers with an introductory video that explains the services and benefits of a multi-billion dollar provider of data analytics platforms and marketing and analytics applications. Work involved everything from concept development through scripting, storyboarding, animation creation, voice-over talent selection and recording and editing, and final compositing of the completed video. The result is a fast-paced overview that quickly gets to the heart of the division's value proposition.



Every website should be built correctly.


As digital marketing experts, we know what it takes to deliver an engaging, totally Google compliant and responsive website. This site, for a local provider of supplements to help dog, cat, and horse owners help their pets with joint strength as they age, is a good example of how to do things right. It includes full e-commerce capabilities, engaging graphics and 'Easter egg' content. It is helping our client showcase its offerings and differentiators more completely, while also being properly formatted to enable more natural search engine results. A full set of content management tools allows for easier content updates.

Here's the site link if you would like a more complete look:


When you need an alternative to the big national agencies... who you gonna call?


Reynolds Farm Equipment provides innovative products and services to residential and business customers through eight locations in three states. After almost 60 years in business, they sought a strong partner to help update their brand and messaging, as well as expand marketing to support a varied product line and distinct market sector communications. Program Elements included Brand Re-Positioning and Messaging, Identity Standards, Website Re-Design, Collateral, Direct Mail, POS, Print/Broadcast/Outdoor Advertising, and Trade Event Promotions.



Give us the difficult to solve problems from which others have shied away - we can handle them.


We have been delivering unique integrated solutions that streamline both internal and customer processes since our inception. One example is a collateral automation toolkit for a large college system with 120+ campuses that facilitates custom creation of event flyers, postcards and mailers. Another is a global PowerPoint presentation creation tool that allows content owners to manage sections of content, administrators to manage users and overall templates, and users to create and export, in either PowerPoint or PDF form, fully compliant corporate presentations. A third example is an online calculator that, while appearing elegantly simple, really involves tons of calculations and programming behind the scenes to update charts and stats in real-time.

We are much more than a full-service advertising and marketing agency, with a great depth of technical expertise for integrating front-end user experiences with complex back-end, systems, developing sophisticated databases to drive content or commerce, and otherwise providing the 'glue' to connect disparate systems.  We're up for your challenges - bring them on!



Digital Asset Management must have a strong strategy.


It's no simple task to develop a proper strategy for managing all of one's digital assets. We've provided strategic services for smaller enterprises up to Fortune 200 global corporations, and it all starts with being able to drive the dialogue to identify stakeholder problems and issues, and to help determine strategic, operational, and functional requirements.

We've provided current state analysis, future state modeling, and workflows, and have a fastidious attention to detail when it comes to core foundational efforts including taxonomies, metadata models, process flows, and standards. We've even identified new revenue streams clients can further their business. We don't advocate a single platform for implementation, and bring an unbiased approach to building consensus and solving real-world DAM issues.

This is an example of a Future State Architecture established for one of our clients:


Here are details of additional sample DAM engagements we have led:



Engaged initially to develop enterprise-wide DAM strategy. Led a small team to develop a high-level strategy over a 120-day period. Subsequently have delivered on various foundational efforts as part of their implementation.


o  Strategy Deliverables – Business Requirements, Current State Analysis, Future State Modeling, Technology Roadmap, Process and Workflow Roadmap, and Implementation Plan.

o  Foundational Deliverables (to date) – Use Cases, Taxonomy, Metadata Model, Naming and Description Standards, Process Flow Diagrams



Developed an enterprise-wide Business Strategy & Technology Roadmap for Digital Asset management.


o  Stakeholder Interviews Documentation

o  Digital Industry Current State including Internet Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Content Management Systems, and Marketing Operations Management

o  General Mills Current State – in the same four areas above, with Gap Identification

o  Business Strategy – Recommendations for a Global Brand Communications Platform, with Guiding Principles, Key Pillars, and Key Steps

o  Additional Enterprise Opportunities – Areas for further exploration uncovered during the project, including Enterprise Social Media Marketing Strategy Development, Online Product Marketing Plan, and additional Revenue Generation Opportunities.

o  Technology Roadmap

o  Glossary of Terms



Developed Content Management Strategies for all Brand, Web, and Marketing Assets.


o  Content Management Strategy

o  Brand Strategy

o  Custom CMS Development



Engaged initially to develop enterprise-wide E-Commerce Strategy and Implementation Plan. This expanded to include additional related efforts, and was followed by several implementation projects.


o  Audience Segmentation and Personas

o  E-Commerce Strategic, Reach & Engage, Functional, and Creative Briefs

o  Global Website Development Plan – encompassing almost 90 countries

o  Follow-up efforts have included development of a custom Presentation Content Management Platform, and various digital asset globalization efforts.