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Any organization embarking on a DAM initiative has a unique set of requirements. It may be their first DAM or the next iteration to meet expanding needs. Regardless, it is also almost always implemented as a key component of an overall marketing technology infrastructure that may include other components such as PIM, Web CMS, Customer Data Platform, personalization engine, or social media monitoring application, to name only a few. One or more of those or other integrations with your DAM may also be happening simultaneously. Regardless, embarking on a new DAM initiative can seem like a monumental task, but it does not have to be if you keep a few key points in mind before you begin:

  • Digital Asset Management is somewhat of a science, but it is not rocket science. It is a discipline that can be learned, but may not be something you can implement on your own. It is not your core business; you should not be expected to know everything about it without some assistance.

  • Platforms for DAM and related functionality are getting better out of the box but they all differ in functionality, user experience, and degrees of ease of integration.

  • Projects should not require multi-year process of package selection, implementation, and training. There are best practice ways of accomplishing what you need and it takes real work, but is not so overwhelming that it cannot be accomplished, for any size organization.

  • Mistakes and trial and error will happen and should be expected as part of a first formal DAM initiative. DAM solutions are tools like anything else, and the trick is to match the tools with your specific requirements, your level of current or anticipated expertise, and HOW you desire to work

If you start with a solid consensus regarding your goals and objectives, such as faster time to market, cost reduction or standardization of processes, and have the right fundamentals in place such as taxonomy, standards and formal process flows, a new DAM initiative is less daunting. Then again, doing the job right the first time is always the best approach.

If 'going it alone' is not sufficient and help from an outside expert is in your best interests, we welcome the opportunity to provide as much or as little assistance as desired. We can be involved in the development of your overall strategy or specific components, can deliver necessary foundational or technical components, or provide staffing in the form of a Business Analyst, Project Manager, or other specialist needed to foster greater success of your overall DAM initiative. We can serve as your advocate and representative working in partnership with your established implementation partners, or as liaison between your organization and platform providers.

Below are the services we offer, and sample engagements we have completed. We invite you to download our E-Book, "DAM For the Rest of US" with the form at the bottom of the page. We also have our own partners that extend our offerings and experience. Please know that we are also a certified partner for the Bynder platform, and you may read more about our partnership HERE.

DAM Services

Strategic Consulting Services

Business Requirements –Including Stakeholder Interviews

Current State Documentation -Repositories/Technologies/Asset Structures/Processes

Future State Recommendations –Assets/Repositories/Technology Requirements/Business Processes/Staffing

Process and Workflow Roadmap Development –Including Accountability/Governance/Content Management

High-Level Implementation Planning

Foundational Support

Use Cases



Metadata Models

Asset Naming and Description Standards

Process Flow Diagrams

Technology & SUPPORT Services

User Experience Design & Custom Interfaces / Front-Ends

System Integrations

End User and Admin Training

Project Management


Initiative Business Case Development

Technology Audit & Roadmap Development

Package Evaluation and Selection

RFP Development

System Configuration

Content Operations Optimization

Data Services

Sample DAM Engagements




o  Client is a an international $20+ Billion provider of office products sold online as well as through retail stores.

o  Project – Implementation of a Digital Asset Management platform, from initial strategy documentation through launch of both the asset bank and workflow modules. Included management of integration with client SSO, CMS, and PIM.


Engaged to serve as Project Manager and Principal Strategist for implementation of the Bynder DAM solution. Led a core team of seven and a Steering Committee from package selection to launch of the asset bank of 120,000+ initial assets (from 1.5 million identified), and launch of the CPM Workflows Module. The activities performed included:

o  Current State Analysis and Future State Modeling

o  Creation of Asset Standards, Use Cases, Roadmaps & Implementation Plan

o  Implementation of Taxonomy/Metadata, Portal Configuration, Assets Migration and Tagging, Process Flows & Presets

o  Development of End-User and Admin Training and Governance Guidelines

o  Recommendations to monitor and improve KPIs


o  Reduced asset redundancies, resulting in an asset repository with the single source of truth for marketing assets.

o  Established standards for asset naming and tagging to increase ease of use in locating assets of interest.

o  Automated key creative processes and hand-offs between company and agencies.

o  Established foundation for integration with additional tools for marketing automation and personalization.


o  Bynder DAM – Asset Bank and Workflows Modules

o  Integrations with client SSO and Web CMS (Hippo)


o  Cost reduction - reduced duplicative agency work for assets previously unable to be located

o  Faster time to market - standardized job approvals and workflows and eliminated non-approved work being assigned

o  Operational cost reduction - consolidated numerous asset repositories into one over which the client has control no matter which agencies it uses, thereby reducing operational costs and unnecessary tools licenses


Engaged initially to develop enterprise-wide DAM strategy. Led a small team to develop a high-level strategy over a 120-day period. Subsequently have delivered on various foundational efforts as part of their implementation.


o  Strategy Deliverables – Business Requirements, Current State Analysis, Future State Modeling, Technology Roadmap, Process and Workflow Roadmap, and Implementation Plan.

o  Foundational Deliverables (to date) – Use Cases, Taxonomy, Metadata Model, Naming and Description Standards, Process Flow Diagrams



Developed an enterprise-wide Business Strategy & Technology Roadmap for Digital Asset management.


o  Stakeholder Interviews Documentation

o  Digital Industry Current State including Internet Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Content Management Systems, and Marketing Operations Management

o  General Mills Current State – in the same four areas above, with Gap Identification

o  Business Strategy – Recommendations for a Global Brand Communications Platform, with Guiding Principles, Key Pillars, and Key Steps

o  Additional Enterprise Opportunities – Areas for further exploration uncovered during the project, including Enterprise Social Media Marketing Strategy Development, Online Product Marketing Plan, and additional Revenue Generation Opportunities.

o  Technology Roadmap

o  Glossary of Terms



Developed Content Management Strategies for all Brand, Web, and Marketing Assets.


o  Content Management Strategy

o  Brand Strategy

o  Custom CMS Development



Engaged initially to develop enterprise-wide E-Commerce Strategy and Implementation Plan. This expanded to include additional related efforts, and was followed by several implementation projects.


o  Audience Segmentation and Personas

o  E-Commerce Strategic, Reach & Engage, Functional, and Creative Briefs

o  Global Website Development Plan – encompassing almost 90 countries

o  Follow-up efforts have included development of a custom Presentation Content Management Platform, and various digital asset globalization efforts.

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This brief, no-nonsense look at best practices for DAM initiatives includes the following:

  • A high-level overview of the Six Key Phases to address in the development of your strategy, with detailed sub-steps everyone should consider.

  • Issues likely to surface as you embark on your DAM initiative.

  • Current Trends that will keep you up at night if your approach is not on target.

  • An understanding of the importance of Content Maturity.

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