Why an Outside Partner Makes More Sense

When it comes to providing leadership for your organization's marketing, there are several advantages to having that role filled by an outside contracted resource:

  • You are able to leverage the skills and experience of a more seasoned executive than might be available or as affordable in an FTE.
  • The contracted resource is focused solely on what is best for your organization as a whole, not what might be best for an individual employee or department. They are free of any personal agenda and able to challenge the executive team with more probing analysis of the best options to consider. They can accomplish more of the right things without being encumbered by company politics. This can be especially important during the development of strategies and the proper company voice necessary for differentiation.
  • They provide an outside perspective, not overburdened by the company culture, and they can leverage other resources when needed to provide specific expertise that may not be a part of your internal team.
  • You compensate for their expertise, knowledge, and direction when it is needed, and NOT when it is not, freeing up finite resources for more targeted marketing initiatives.
  • Contracted resources tend to work more quickly and better deliver that which is promised. They more closely adhere to the premise that it is always best to do the job right the first time, as there is never really time to do it over.

On average, outsourced CMO services can be 1/3 the cost of a full compensation package for an internal executive.

What does Ken Christie Bring to the Table?

Ken is a senior executive and strategist with over 35 years of experience achieving results for growth-driven organizations. He is a creative, client-focused high performer, skilled in marketing direction and management, integrated brand development, campaign strategy and execution, and he is fluent in all facets of digital, social, and offline media and marketing communications. His B2B and B2C experience comes from a broad range of industries including healthcare, electronics, technology, real estate, sports, and consumer products, services, and distribution, with demonstrable results in growth, profitability, and operational performance..

What is it Ken does well? Making order out of chaos. Understanding needs at every stage of the customer lifecycle. Determining the best ideas from the hundreds of possibilities that will drive top and bottom line results. Providing direction to teams so they can do their best work without massive oversight. He has developed custom solutions and products for a host of Fortune 1000 companies, and has a keen understanding of how to meet both internal and customer needs. He has led teams as large as 65 and has functioned in many large matrixed organizations, generally managing multiple priorities daily while staying focused on overall objectives. He is an adept brand strategist and marketer with a pragmatic approach to problem solving.

To learn more, please contact Ken at kchristie@543group.com or call (317) 579.9670.