Intelligent Outsourcing

Exploring all options for efficiently accomplishing marketing initiatives is not only prudent; it may be one of the most important contributions you make to your organization.

Our firm is focused on delivering measurable improvement with every engagement. One significant attribute about much of our work is that it may be accomplished anywhere, so long as key 'go to' staff are available with proper systems in place to manage project activity and communications. We have a proven approach for outsourcing some of your marketing needs that is uniquely suited to today's work environment.

Our compelling model for outsourcing of marketing and related IT needs offers a wider range of resources and solutions than are typically available in third-party staffing and support. We combine a deep bench of available resources with a fee structure that provides maximum benefits to our clients while simultaneously providing predictability on costs.

Simply put, our approach is accessible via retainer, with a blended rate available for highly skilled resources including, but not limited to, the following roles:

  • Marketing Strategist - for a single campaign or multiple initiatives
  • Interactive Designer
  • Web Developer
  • Print Production Specialist
  • PowerPoint Graphic Designer
  • Copy Writer
  • Programmer
  • Online Marketing Specialist (for E-Mail, SEO/SEM, Social media, etc.)
  • Project Manager or Coordinator

This approach does NOT require full-time commitments. Retainers can be for a low number of hours per month for only a few months' time so that we may prove our value to you. That is for blended resources we determine together, and you receive all hours for which you are contracted regardless of when they are used.

Intrigued by this competitive advantage? Please contact us today to learn more or to receive an assessment based on your needs - Email us at or Call (317) 579.9670.