Originally developed in 2011- Updated Approximately Annually

Currently in Use with One Client - Close to 1,000 Registered Users Worldwide - Thousands of Stored Presentations


What corporate pain points does this address?

The need to consistently brand corporate presentation materials being used in the field

The need for sanctioned materials to be completely legally compliant

The need to control the messages being delivered regarding company products and services - to better ensure misinformation is not being developed independently by the field


What vitamin or boost does this platform provide a corporation?

The ability to have a consistent location/library for all corporate/compliant presentation materials, where they can be regularly monitored and maintained

The desire to gain insight into how corporate and product/services information is being disseminated and used by the field

It fosters the processes to be in place to keep corporate and product/services content up-to-date and viable for all target audiences


Capabilities and Features

Completely Cloud-Based

Supports Multiple Templates and Form Factors 

Exports Presentations to PowerPoint or .PDF for use on Multiple Devices

Supports Animation, Transitions, and Dynamic Charts

Integrates with Client-Side SSO

Database-Driven Content Sorting on Client-Driven Parameters - Industry, Sales Cycle, Prospect Roles, etc.

Personalization of Title, Contact Info, and Agenda Content

Presentation Data is Stored for Pre-Determined Cycle - Content Updated with Each New Download

Users May Edit/Copy Previously Stored Presentations for Ease of New Versions

Visual 'Drag and Drop' Content Shuffling - and Thumbnail / Preview

Admin Features Include Bulk Content Page Upload, Category Management, User Management, Templates Management, and Report Generation