It's Much More than Public Websites

Web Development doesn't just mean crating engaging public sites. It encompasses all interactive online solutions including mobile  and custom applications. We've been delivering customized online and cloud-based solutions since our inception and invite you to challenge us to solve problems no one else seems able to tackle. 

Why? Our team is one of the most technologically advanced you will find, far beyond what is normally associated with a marketing agency. We welcome the tough assignments, the challenging integrations, the difficult to solve issues you need to address to further your business. Bring them to our attention, and let us show you what we can do.

Drive Your Business, Not Just Your Marketing

A lot of firms can create a website for you, often one made from ready-made templates and off-the-shelf tools. That's thinking small. Finding ways the web can fuel greater effectiveness and efficiency in your business as whole returns greater ROI beyond your marketing investments. 

The key to the real success of any web development is how it is measurably delivering value to your organization overall. Is it engaging new prospects to form an affinity for the brand? Is it delivering all the needed content to all targeted audiences, when, where, and how they desire it? Is it effectively managing all aspects of e-commerce at every stage of the customer lifecycle? Is it automating key processes that improve operational effectiveness? Is it helping meet real needs of the business that simply could not be delivered via a better method? Every client's requirements are different, and asking all the right questions up front leads to a better plan for your web presence, whether it is a brand new one or the latest evolution of your online brand. Helping organize your internal web tools and your external site as the single source of truth for your brand can make a huge difference, and we show you how to do that. 

Experience Counts

Our team has been building websites for almost 25 years - how many of our competitors can say that? We have built every type of site, from pure marketing and 'brochureware' sites to large e-commerce and data-driven content experiences, with rich media and animation when it helped engage audiences better. Every site we build is to industry best practices, and now that includes being fully scalable and responsive to every type and size of device a visitor may have.

Need administrative tools to manage your site on your own, without having to have a programmer on staff? We've implemented scores of those as well, using industry standard tools, CMS packages, or custom-built interfaces. Need embedded product or service demos? We've created a ton of those over the years as well. Need to manage all of your marketing assets more efficiently? We can help you.

Our experience spans multiple industries and market segments, and every project we deliver adds to the knowledge we apply to your needs. We have likely experienced your challenges before, and can address them efficiently and effectively. We can also develop the right web strategy with you, including how best to drive traffic your way, or we can execute to your plans as an implementation partner. We're very flexible in this regard, and will still bring you fresh ideas that add value.

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The Simple Truths About DAM

Embarking on a new DAM initiative for your business can seem like a monumental task, but it does not have to be if you keep these three points in mind before you begin:

  • Digital Asset Management is somewhat of a science, but it is not rocket science.
  • It is a discipline your organization may need, but may not be able to do on your own. It is not your core business; you should not be expected to know everything about it without some assistance.
  • It does not necessarily have to involve a multi-year process of package selection, implementation, and training.

If you start with a solid foundation, it is less daunting. Then again, doing the job right the first time is always the best approach.

If 'going it alone' is not sufficient and help from an outside expert is in your best interests, we welcome the opportunity to provide as much or as little assistance as you desire. We can be involved in the development of your overall strategy or specific components, and we can deliver necessary foundational efforts to foster greater success of your overall DAM initiative.

Below are the services we offer, sample engagements we have completed, and we invite you to download our E-Book, "DAM For the Rest of US" with the form at the bottom of the page..

DAM Services

While remaining technology agnostic, we can drive or support development of specific strategies, or deliver on a number of foundational efforts needed to help ensure the success of your initial implementation or ongoing DAM management.

Strategic Consulting Services

Business Requirements –Including Stakeholder Interviews

Current State Documentation -Repositories/Technologies/Asset Structures/Processes

Future State Recommendations –Assets/Repositories/Technology Requirements/Business Processes/Staffing

High-Level Technology Roadmap Development

Process and Workflow Roadmap Development –Including Accountability/Governance/Content Management

High-Level Implementation Planning

Foundational Support

Use Cases



Metadata Models

Asset Naming and Description Standards

Process Flow Diagrams

Technology Services

User Experience Design & Custom Interfaces / Front-Ends

System Integration Support

Sample DAM Engagements



Engaged initially to develop enterprise-wide DAM strategy. Led a small team to develop a high-level strategy over a 120-day period. Subsequently have delivered on various foundational efforts as part of their implementation.


o  Strategy Deliverables – Business Requirements, Current State Analysis, Future State Modeling, Technology Roadmap, Process and Workflow Roadmap, and Implementation Plan.

o  Foundational Deliverables (to date) – Use Cases, Taxonomy, Metadata Model, Naming and Description Standards, Process Flow Diagrams



Developed an enterprise-wide Business Strategy & Technology Roadmap for Digital Asset management.


o  Stakeholder Interviews Documentation

o  Digital Industry Current State including Internet Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Content Management Systems, and Marketing Operations Management

o  General Mills Current State – in the same four areas above, with Gap Identification

o  Business Strategy – Recommendations for a Global Brand Communications Platform, with Guiding Principles, Key Pillars, and Key Steps

o  Additional Enterprise Opportunities – Areas for further exploration uncovered during the project, including Enterprise Social Media Marketing Strategy Development, Online Product Marketing Plan, and additional Revenue Generation Opportunities.

o  Technology Roadmap

o  Glossary of Terms



Developed Content Management Strategies for all Brand, Web, and Marketing Assets.


o  Content Management Strategy

o  Brand Strategy

o  Custom CMS Development



Engaged initially to develop enterprise-wide E-Commerce Strategy and Implementation Plan. This expanded to include additional related efforts, and was followed by several implementation projects.


o  Audience Segmentation and Personas

o  E-Commerce Strategic, Reach & Engage, Functional, and Creative Briefs

o  Global Website Development Plan – encompassing almost 90 countries

o  Follow-up efforts have included development of a custom Presentation Content Management Platform, and various digital asset globalization efforts.

Please complete the form below to download your copy of our E-Book, "DAM for the Rest of Us." 

This brief, no-nonsense look at best practices for DAM initiatives includes the following:

  • A high-level overview of the Six Key Phases to address in the development of your strategy, with detailed sub-steps everyone should consider.
  • Issues likely to surface as you embark on your DAM initiative.
  • Current Trends that will keep you up at night if your approach is not on target.
  • An understanding of the importance of Content Maturity.

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Sometimes It's the 'Simple' Things

Our agency can provide all the planning and creative strategy needed to meet specific campaign objectives. We recognize that many organizations handle that internally, and may already have strong brand standards as well. They simply require an experienced third party to provide flawless execution. An art director who can understand a brief and deliver effective design for brochures, case studies, data sheets, overviews, and other print collateral. A strong graphic designer who can take a basic PowerPoint presentation and bring it to life with movement, or create an engaging infographic from a content outline. An editor who can bring disparate elements together into a compelling video.

Some of the types of collateral we deliver every day for others include:

  • Brochures
  • Case Studies
  • Product and Data Sheets
  • Infographics
  • Stationary Packages
  • POS Materials and Circulars
  • Signage

We can also create templates for your internal use or ours on your behalf, and we can help ensure your brand standards documentation is complete and up to date.

Some of our clients outsource all of their collateral production to us because they know our team will deliver solid execution in a timely and cost-efficient manner. We even offer a blended rates for many types of production services, with an approach to outsourcing most agencies cannot offer. Knowing that your collateral production is being managed professionally, creatively, and efficiently saves time, reduces headaches, and provides peace of mind.

While one infographic sample is provided below, we invite you to please contact us today to see additional relevant examples, and to find out how effective it can be to partner with us for your collateral needs. Email us at or call (317) 579.9670.


Intelligent Outsourcing

Exploring all options for efficiently accomplishing marketing initiatives is not only prudent; it may be one of the most important contributions you make to your organization.

Our firm is focused on delivering measurable improvement with every engagement. One significant attribute about much of our work is that it may be accomplished anywhere, so long as key 'go to' staff are available with proper systems in place to manage project activity and communications. We have a proven approach for outsourcing some of your marketing needs that is uniquely suited to today's work environment.

Our compelling model for outsourcing of marketing and related IT needs offers a wider range of resources and solutions than are typically available in third-party staffing and support. We combine a deep bench of available resources with a fee structure that provides maximum benefits to our clients while simultaneously providing predictability on costs.

Simply put, our approach is accessible via retainer, with a blended rate available for highly skilled resources including, but not limited to, the following roles:

  • Marketing Strategist - for a single campaign or multiple initiatives
  • Interactive Designer
  • Web Developer
  • Print Production Specialist
  • PowerPoint Graphic Designer
  • Copy Writer
  • Programmer
  • Online Marketing Specialist (for E-Mail, SEO/SEM, Social media, etc.)
  • Project Manager or Coordinator

This approach does NOT require full-time commitments. Retainers can be for a low number of hours per month for only a few months' time so that we may prove our value to you. That is for blended resources we determine together, and you receive all hours for which you are contracted regardless of when they are used.

Intrigued by this competitive advantage? Please contact us today to learn more or to receive an assessment based on your needs - Email us at or Call (317) 579.9670.




Why an Outside Partner Makes More Sense

When it comes to providing leadership for your organization's marketing, there are several advantages to having that role filled by an outside contracted resource:

  • You are able to leverage the skills and experience of a more seasoned executive than might be available or as affordable in an FTE.
  • The contracted resource is focused solely on what is best for your organization as a whole, not what might be best for an individual employee or department. They are free of any personal agenda and able to challenge the executive team with more probing analysis of the best options to consider. They can accomplish more of the right things without being encumbered by company politics. This can be especially important during the development of strategies and the proper company voice necessary for differentiation.
  • They provide an outside perspective, not overburdened by the company culture, and they can leverage other resources when needed to provide specific expertise that may not be a part of your internal team.
  • You compensate for their expertise, knowledge, and direction when it is needed, and NOT when it is not, freeing up finite resources for more targeted marketing initiatives.
  • Contracted resources tend to work more quickly and better deliver that which is promised. They more closely adhere to the premise that it is always best to do the job right the first time, as there is never really time to do it over.

On average, outsourced CMO services can be 1/3 the cost of a full compensation package for an internal executive.

What does Ken Christie Bring to the Table?

Ken is a senior executive and strategist with over 35 years of experience achieving results for growth-driven organizations. He is a creative, client-focused high performer, skilled in marketing direction and management, integrated brand development, campaign strategy and execution, and he is fluent in all facets of digital, social, and offline media and marketing communications. His B2B and B2C experience comes from a broad range of industries including healthcare, electronics, technology, real estate, sports, and consumer products, services, and distribution, with demonstrable results in growth, profitability, and operational performance..

What is it Ken does well? Making order out of chaos. Understanding needs at every stage of the customer lifecycle. Determining the best ideas from the hundreds of possibilities that will drive top and bottom line results. Providing direction to teams so they can do their best work without massive oversight. He has developed custom solutions and products for a host of Fortune 1000 companies, and has a keen understanding of how to meet both internal and customer needs. He has led teams as large as 65 and has functioned in many large matrixed organizations, generally managing multiple priorities daily while staying focused on overall objectives. He is an adept brand strategist and marketer with a pragmatic approach to problem solving.

To learn more, please contact Ken at or call (317) 579.9670.