Proper Website Development is Key to Enhancing Search Visibility

A great number of website are in need of redesign and redeployment these days, to be compliant with the latest Google search algorithms and industry best practices to ensure that they obtain maximum visibility to search. This is still key to prospects locating all of the content you want them to find about what you offer and why it is superior to the competition. Among the approaches we take when redesigning a site are the following:

  • Leveraging modern web technologies to increase site speed significantly. This is a very important metric both for Google's general rankings and specifically the mobile compatibility ranking.
  • Utilizing mobile compliant frameworks like Bootstrap that scales to all sizes of devices. This greatly increases the SEO score given to a site by Google. In fact, currently, mobile compatibility and speed are the two most important criteria for ranking besides content.
  • Ensuring that the site has a good amount of high-quality, relevant content. Also coding to minimize markup and maximize content, another important metric.
  • Implementing straightforward, descriptive page URLs that avoid certain characters that sometimes cause ranking penalties.
  • Including page-by-page metadata titles and descriptions that are also important to Google.
  • Implementing microdata in places on the site where it makes sense, and setting up the site to accommodate additional microdata as the site content demands it.
  • Incorporating Google Analytics, which prioritizes sites for indexing by Google and also allows clients to see what content is generating the most traffic.
  • Minifying CSS and JavaScript.
  • Optimizing images for fast load times.
  • Ensuring a site is handicap accessible, also a metric Google uses. Images have alt tags and all important content is browser readable for the visually impaired.
  • When the site is completely finalized, auto-generating a site map and submitting it to Google to ensure the entire site will be indexed.

Please contact us at (317) 579-9670 to learn more abut how your website can specifically benefit from a re-design to meet today's exacting Web standards. The benefits may surprise you.