Digital Asset Management: Lessons from the Field #4: Platform Selection – It’s All in the Details

As this critical part of the process will likely impact the overall success of DAM within you organization for some time to come, it is important to look at each of three key parts of the DAM vendor selection process – initial vendor review, designated vendor evaluation, and selected vendor contract negotiation.  There are good lessons to consider from those who have been through this before.

The 543 Group Announces Support for the Bynder Digital Asset Management Platform

We are pleased to announce that 543 Group services supporting corporate Digital Asset Management initiatives have been extended to include specific support for the Bynder platform. We are a certified partner for Bynder, offering services including strategic consulting, integration support, and implementation project management. You may reach out to us for support and can learn more at this link:


The 543 Group supports initiatives that can include many other DAM platforms; Bynder is only one of them. To learn about all of the Digital Asset Management services we offer, click on this link:

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Digital Asset Management: Lessons from the Field #3 – See Your Future. Be Your Future. Make it!

It may not be necessary to visualize in detail every possible component of the future state of DAM within your organization, but the more comprehensive you can be the better outcomes your organization will experience. Here are a number of the important areas to include.

Digital Asset Management: Lessons from the Field #2 – Current State Analysis

In order to know where you are going with your DAM initiative, you still need to know where you are. Never underestimate the value of a thorough analysis of the current state of your organization.

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