When I was a kid playing in Little League, everyone who saw me that really knew baseball said I had a swing like Lou Gehrig's. Given my limited talents on the ball field, I took the compliment in stride (remember they said that I looked like Mr. Gehrig; I didn't hit like him!).

In doing a little research on Gehrig recently for a new novel I am writing, I naturally came across several references to Lou Gehrig's disease, ALS. That led me to a very interesting site, Disaboom, a new online clearinghouse and community providing information and resources for people with disabilities.

There's no great insight in this blog entry. Just a plug for a site that provides lots of good resources and information, and a place for any of the disabled and those that care for and about them to come together, to share stories, and perhaps gain new insight.

What constantly amazes me is that those that are disabled are often some of the most able people in the planet, not letting what they have been 'touched' by slowing them down. For so many of us with so few real challenges, they continue to be an inspiration.