Measuring Success and its Impact on Marketing

The ways in which you measure the success of your organization should impact how you prioritize your marketing initiatives. Which is more important - sales or revenue growth, or margin or profit? Where does client satisfaction rank? How about organizational reputation? Market share? Operational efficiency? Employee commitment? Product or service quality?

Depending on what are ranked as the highest in importance should also relate to how you then measure the success of your marketing. What's most important? Growth in lead volume? Website traffic? Advertising brand awareness? Brand preference? What is paramount?

Knowing what you measure, and how you measure it, should also relate closely to your organizational goals and objectives. These all go together to influence marketing and sales priorities and therefore where investments should be made. And, learning what works best and what does not over time will make future decisions easier.

If you do not know where you are headed and how you plan to get there, it is likely you will end up somewhere else. Working through these questions is of significant benefit to any business, and we offer a proven process to help you get there.