How Much Will It Cost?

If there's one question we are asked more than any other about addressing a client's marketing needs, it's how much it is going to cost. It could be for a website, a Google AdWords campaign, a new billboard, radio spot, a TV ad, a DAM strategy, or any other initiative, but the question is always the same.

The answer is in the details, always. Asking how much a website costs is like asking how much a car costs, or a house. it depends n the type, the style, the finish, and the features and functions. The good news is that almost every project we deliver for our clients comes with a fixed-fee proposal upfront, delineating the scope, approach, deliverables, schedule, client expectations and investment necessary. If we have also developed the strategy and are more than the production arm of your marketing department, it contains the rationale and expected return on investment as well.

This is what you should receive from any agency you work with. If you are not, we hope you will give us a call to see how thorough, detailed, and cost-effective we can be.