The Devil Is In The Details

We are able to build Websites usually faster than the content for them can be approved, and then sometimes clients wonder why a site can take a while in the later stages to be totally completed. One really good reason? Browser testing. Every site we build is tested not only in all of the current predominant Web browsers and versions, but often emerging browsers such as Chrome is right now. The real challenge is how far BACK to go with browser compatibility. Once a new Website is completed and launched, there are usually new versions or browsers out shortly thereafter that also should be tested to see if they result in any site anomalies.

We work to make sites as 'future proof' as possible based on our code structure, but it is not usually viable to plan for a site to work perfectly in every version of every browser available. There are scores of them going back many years, some of which will not support the latest types of engaging content desired very well. So the next time someone asks why the last stage of launching a site takes a while, tell them the devil really is in the details - browser testing, metadata, optimization for organic search, etc. Lots of companies can build websites. Properly structured and coded sites tested to perfection takes a bit longer, but it's worth it.