What does it mean to be a 'pure account' person?


On one of the episodes of the hit AMC series 'Mad Men', the principals of the fictitious agency Sterling Cooper are talking about what it means to be a 'pure account man.' Roger Sterling says, "What is that job all about? It's about listening to people, and never saying what's really on your mind." Bert Cooper responds, "No... it's about letting things go, so you can get what you really want." And Don Draper replies, "We took their money. We have to do what they say."

Wow - what a cynical bunch. The truth is that it is none of the above. Being a 'pure' account person should be about doing the right thing, always. If you do that, then you can say what is on your mind and it will be because you listened well to the client. It can be about getting what you want because it will benefit the client and therefore your business as well. And you should never be 'taking' the client's money. You should be earning it and, if honestly and with integrity to the work and goals at hand, it will not be doing what the client says but doing what you agreed to do together... the right things to propel their business and help them grow. That's how we see it.