The Fine Art of Photo Retouching

We had an assignment for a large photo shoot recently that proved the value of having absolutely wonderful graphics editors on our team.  The shoot involved on-location product environmental photography.  We assisted our client with location identification, models selection, props, wardrobe, make-up, and all logistics for the eventual three-day shoot, plus principal photography.

Where things became interesting was following the shoot where, from the thousands available, 200 final images were selected from for image retouching and enhancement.  Compare the two images below, showing a sample 'before' and 'after'.  See how many changes you can notice.  There are over three dozen, including changing the color of window trim, the images outside the windows and their blur, the background blur to enhance product focus, lights and screens on the product, and removal of elements like wall outlets, signage, and even the ceiling fan.  In all cases where elements were removed, appropriate replacement elements were added to appear as if they were there all along.  


If you need any photography taken, or retouched, we hope you will consider our skills in this area.