Proper SEO Still of Great Importance, But Content is Even More King When it Comes to Competitive Positioning

We all know by now that the only constant is change, and that has never been more true in the  marketing world, especially online. Keeping up with the Jones's, which in our world is Google, takes focus, energy, and often resources you may not have internally. There are so many details to get right:

- Your website has to be optimized for mobile and adhere to all the latest Google algorithms or it will be failing in rankings.

- SEO continues to be important, but it will work closely with content marketing to drive search results.

- Engaging with social media and really building relationships with customers and prospects will carry as much if not more weight than getting all the technical factors right.

- Integration is still key - SEO and content marketing do not live in isolation. 

The marketing mix has to have all the right ingredients, and figuring out which half dozen or ten, or two or three, are the ones that will best drive your business to exceed its goals is what we help you determine, followed by as flawless of execution as possible to increase immediate impact.